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Magnetic Effect Deflection Apparatus - Cathode Ray Tube - Eisco Labs

SKU PH1216

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Magnetic Effect Deflection Apparatus consisting of a Cathode Ray Tube mounted to a sturdy base.

Used to demonstrate the deviation of cathode rays using a magnet.

Running cathode rays are visible to naked eye by the glowing path on fluorescent screen. When a magnet is brought near deflecting path cathode rays is visible. Fitted on a plastic base and supplied without magnet.

Cathode Tube is 10" long with a 2" diameter. Apparatus stands approximately 6" tall when assembled.

Fitted onto a sturdy base. Magnet not included.

Magnetic Effect Deflection can be used with a 50mm gap induction coil. You can connect the Magnetic effect deflection to pins of induction coil. Start with a minimum gap and slowly increase the gap between the pin until the tubes start glowing.