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Emergency Temporary Face Shield, Single - PET Plastic - 100% Recyclable - Size Adjustable, Fits Head Circumference of 20 - 28 Inches - Forehead Bumper - Made in the USA


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Single Emergency Face Shield

This face shield design was created to meet the needs of an over extended healthcare system during the 2020 health crisis. Designed and manufactured in the USA. The simplistic design is intended to quickly and efficiently provide an additional layer of protection. Shield is made of 0.010 inch thick PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate), an FDA approved material that is often used in food handling. 100% recyclable and flat packed. Can be disinfected on a regular basis with common disinfectants, and can be reused as long at it is functional and comfortable.
We recommend this mask being worn over: Safety goggles, a respirator or surgical mask, and a surgical cap. It is designed to be a barrier to spray, fluids, etc. It is not a sealable barrier, and by no means will protect you from all elements. Functions as an outer barrier for personal protective equipment, providing an extra layer of defense. Additionally, the shield serves as a reminder to not touch your face.

Shield DOES NOT have: anti-fog or anti-microbial properties.

Shield features a simple, forehead bumper, which is built into the face shield and designed to sit on your surgical cap or bandana. Very simple assembly: simply fold three times and insert the flap into the front of the shield to assemble forehead bumper. The adjustable strap allows the shield to fit heads with circumferences of 20 to 28 inches, with an inch between each adjustment notch.

The shield measures 9.75" in length and 11.5" in width. Flat and unassembled, it measures 13.5" in length and 29.5" in width. Shield arrives 100% flat packed as a singular, foldable piece. Remove protective sheet layer before use.

DISCLAIMER: We are doing what we can to help our community, stay in business (we are a small business), and help people stay safe. We cannot make any guarantees that this product will keep you safe. It is a precautionary outer barrier. This shield will stop some droplets of water and solid matter from hitting you, but it is not intended to prevent any infectious disease, illness, burns, etc.