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Amber Borosilicate Glass Volumetric Flask with Polypropylene Stopper, 100 ml, Class A with Individual Work Certificate, Pack of 2, Autoclavable


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  • 100 ml borosilicate volumetric flask
  • Includes polypropylene stopper (14/23)
  • Class A
  • Single graduation mark, blue print
  • Tolerance ±0.100 ml
  • Individually calibrated at 20°C, includes Individual Work Certificate
  • Made from high quality amber 3.3 borosilicate glass
  • Amber glass protects light sensitive materials
  • Printed with unique alpha numeric serial
  • Low temperature gradient - can withstand high temperatures and thermal shocks*
  • Superior chemical durability*
  • Autoclavable at 121°C
  • Complies with DIN ISO 1042 standards
*See specifications tab for temperature and chemical durability information