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2021 Covid update

While the COVID-19 situation continues to improve in many countries, our friends and co-workers in India are facing a massive new surge in cases and deaths.

Eisco is committed to taking care of our customers, but COVID has put many things out of our control. As more people are affected in India, and the regional and national government impose locks downs, there may be a delay in shipments from our production facility.

Also, Oxygen, needed for the production of glassware, is being diverted to life saving efforts. 

We have been building up inventory at our North American and International distribution centers in order to prevent delays for our customers, but as supplies and man power is dedicated to life saving efforts, back orders may occur and we suggest placing your orders as soon as possible.

As we work through this difficult time our thoughts, prayers and support are with our Eisco family in India.
Link to Red Cross in India
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